Ultimate Manila Food Trip


This is breakfast, lunch and dinner merge into 1 big meal. We take you to the oldest Chinatown in the world which is located in Binondo, Manila, You have 8 different restaurants to go to and 10 dishes to try out. The dishes your about to try is a great symbol of the rich Filipino-chinese culture which has flourished throughout the centuries.

You will be walking a bit on this tour as the traffic is heavy on this part of town.

Duration:4-5 hours

Note** If you have Dietary requirements this tour is not for you

****Please note that all tours are on a open booking status meaning there is a possibility that other individuals will join your group.

****If you wish to book a private tour there is an additional fee of 4000 pesos for your booking.

On The Menu
  • Kuchay Dumpings( Stemaed chives and pork dumplings)
    • has a somehow neutral taste but together with the soy sauce, chili and vinegar the explosion of flavors will truly make you tummy happy
  • Soup#5 (Cow testicle soup)
    • . One of the most mysterious soup in the Philippines but it was surprisingly good. Its like beef stock but times 2. The testicle part in the soup taste like beef with a texture of fat. Just try not to think about it and enjoy.
  • Machang (Sticky Rice Dumplings)
    • pork mixed into blended into sticky rice. It’s a good combination between sweet and salty. The neutral sweetness comes from the sticky rice and the saltiness comes from the meat
  • Kikiam (Chinese sausage)
    • Basically it’s like a hybrid type of spring roll. Taste is quiet exquisite but pretty good.
  • Oyster cake
    • more of like an oyster omelette. So its basically egg and probably half a kilo worth of oysters in this dish. If you’re a big oyster fan this dish is for you!
  • Fried Lumpia (Filipino Spring Rolls)
    • This popular Filipino snack is an explosion of  flavors and contrast but it is absolutely amazing. This is similar to a spring roll but the size of this is enormous. Eating one of this seems like a full size meal.
  • Halo-Halo
    • A traditional Filipino snack with lots of ingredients to it. this is our go to summer snack/drink as it is serve on shave ice.
  • Salt and Pepper Frog Legs
    • These are frog legs deep fried with a hint of salt and pepper. It was weird at first but addicting towards the end.  Just try not to think it’s frogs
  • Fried Siopao
    • Siopao is usually a steamed bun but in this occasion the bottom is fried giving it a bit of a nice fried flavour to it. The filling in this fried siopao is pork mixture of sweet and salty taste to it. Sweetness comes from the bun, the pork has a bit of saltiness to it.
  • Hopia Ube
    • A chinese snack with a Filipino twist. Hopia is a famous small pie in the chinese cuisine offering different flavors. Mainly it is a sweet dish and sometimes could be classified as dessert but with the purple yam flavour it is perfect for snacking. It is not too sweet.


Awesome Price: 2999 Pesos per Person

Minimum of 2 persons

***Travelling alone? No worries! Joiners are welcome depending on the availability of the tour

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12:00-1:00 – Pick up at accommodation

1:00-1:30 – Start the food tour

4:00 – Conclusion of the food tour

4:30-5:00-Arrival at accommodation

***Itinerary subject to change without prior notice


All food items on the Menu

Big bottle of water

Transfer (Accomodation – Binondo – Accomodation)

*** free pick up/drop off from your hotel in Makati, Taguig, Ermita (Manila), Malate(Manila) Intramuros (Manila),  and Pasay. additional charges will incur outside these areas

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