The Ifugao Xperience


The Ifugao Xperience

An Adventure like no other! This 5days/4 nights Banaue adventure focuses on the heritage of the Ifugaos and its rice terraces! this an in dept tour of the Ifugao culture and its villages. Villages are very different from each other as each village has its own unique rice terraces. through out this tour you will learn the way the locals live. We will also visit waterfalls and a hotspring to complete this magnificent Adventure

Important Note*** – This tour requires above average fitness level! Must be able to trek mountains for at-least 4-6hours a day.


-Scenic day drive Drive to banaue

-Batad Rice terraces – Tappiya Falls

-Hapao Rice Terraces and hotsprings


-Villages (Ducligan , Pulo, Cambulo, Hapao, Bangaan, Batad)

Awesome offer: 29,999 Pesos Person

Minimum of 2 Persons



DAY 1: Travel to Banaue + Banaue Highlights

We assemble in Manila to take and drive our way to Banaue. Once we reach Banaue you will be awakened by the famous Rice terraces which is referred to the eighth wonder of the world. We check the most picturesque view of the town and sink in to the Ifugao culture

DAY 2: Pula-Cambulo

After breakfast, We head to the awan igid viewpint to start your trek to Pula Village. This hike will usually take atleast 4-5 hours to reach thru lush forest mountains and be rewarded at the high point with a view of Pula, We then proceed to the sights of Cambulo which will take us 2-3 hours trek.

DAY 3: Batad

We then Proceed to the sights of Batad where we will be welcomed by the most picturestique amphitheater rice terraces that this area has to offer. Later on the day we will proceed to the great Tappiya falls where we will be able to enjoy a swim although the water could get a bit cold but it is definitely very  very refreshing.

DAY 4: Bangaan + Ducligan

We then Proceed to the Village of Bangaan which will take us roughly 3 hours.  In the afternoon we will also proceed to Ducligan where you will see the snake shape rivers and more rice terraces along the way

DAY 5: Hapao  and Travel to Manila

On the last day we then proceed to Hapao for a bit of relaxation as we experience its hot spring water. Hapao also offers a wonderful view of its own rice terraces. After lunch we then proceed to Manila and arrive late night to your designated hotel.

Additional Info



4 Nights accomodation


-Accommodations in these areas are limited and expect only basic amenities and facilities.

– prepare 150 – 300 pesos per meal per person for this trip

-Bring all weather type of clothing (Summer, Winter, Wet, Dry etc..)

-Travel insurance is a must on this trip. If you don’t have one we strongly encourage you get one.

Things to Bring

Hiking gear

Strong sturdy shoes



Wet gear

Set of clothes good for 5 days

Flash Light

Waterproof Camera

Dry Bag

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