Mt. Pinatubo


Travel to Mount Pinatubo and explore the volcano  that has actually change the global temperature by .5 Degrees back in 1991 . From manila it takes 2 ½ hours’ drive  away to get to Capas Tarlac where you will get into a local 4×4 buggy. The buggy will take you to the base camp of the volcano to start your 30 mins – 1 hour trek. Don’t worry it is not an incline trek but there are lots of obstacles to get through but the reward of this trek is just one of the most spectacular things you see in a lifetime.

****Please note that all tours are on a open booking status meaning there is a possibility that other individuals will join your group.

****If you wish to book a private tour there is an additional fee of 4000 pesos for your booking.

Special offer: 7499 Pesos per Person

*** minimum of 2 persons

***Travelling alone? No worries! Joiners are welcome depending on the availability of the tour

Additional Info

Schedule of Events

2:30-3:30 am Departure from Hotel

5:00 am ETA at Capas Tarlac

8:30 am ETA at Base Camp

10:30am ETA at Crater Lake

12:00pm Lunch

3:30pm arrival back to Capas Tarlac

5:00pm Arrival back to Manila

Things to Bring

Set of dry clothes


hat ( the bigger the better)


face mask


Hiking shoes

Lots of WATER

Sense of adventure and Happiness


Packed Lunch

Private Transfers from Manila

Guide Fees

Environment Fees

Municipal Fees

Toll fee

** No Hidden Charges


ATV- 6999 pesos per person

Another way to travel to Travel is by the ATV. Drive an all-terrain vehicle to different volcanic canyons and terrains which will lead you to the base camp. We highly recommend everyone to try because it is just PURE AWESOMENESS. You can get one each or you can switch drivers along the way totally up to you. It is perfectly safe as there will be a guide with you all the time.

Group rates

3 persons- 6999 pesos per person

4 persons – 6799 pesos per person

5 persons – 6199 pesos per person

6 persons – 5999 pesos per persons

7 persons –  5699 pesos per person

8 persons – 5499 pesos per person

9 persons – 5199 pesos per person

10+++ persons – 4899 pesos per person

***Group Rates are only applicable on a per booking basis

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