This is the king of adventure in the Philippines which will truly captivate your imagination. Set on the most mountainous area of the Philippines ,The Cordillera,  boast  the perfect example of how history-nature-culture blend in together and be what it is now. We will be travelling during daylight to make sure you appreciate every single scenery along this trip . just the drive itself is absolutely amazing!. On this trip your physical fitness will be put to the test trekking for hours, exploring caves, swimming in cold water so be prepared to workout on this trip.

Important Note*** – This tour requires above average fitness level! Must be able to trek mountains for at-least 2 hours.


-Scenic day drive Drive to banaue – Happao – Sagada- Baguio

-Batad Rice terraces – Tappiya Falls

-Hapao Rice Terraces and hotsprings

-Sagada Hangin Coffins

-Cave Connection

-Bomod-ok Falls

Awesome offer: 39,950 Pesos Person

Minimum of 2 Persons



Day 1 Scenic Drive to Banaue

We Wake up nice and early to proceed with our long drive to banaue. This is a scenic drive and plenty of things to see along the way.

Day 2 Batad and Tappiya falls

We now proceed to one of the famous rice terraces of banaue which is Batad Rice terraces. This amphitheatre rice terraces  is voted as a world heritage site by UNESCO and you will see why once you get there. After visiting Batad we will proceed to Tappiya Falls. This waterfall is amazing truly a sight to remember and why not enjoy a swim you’ve earned it.

Day 3 Happao Rice Terraces and Hot spring

We now drive 30 minutes away from Banaue town proper to Happao Rice Terraces. This is probably the biggest rice terraces we will encounter on this trip due to its large area. The journey getting here is Phenomenal! Driving to mountain cliffs which goes up and down whilst enjoying the view of the different rice terraces along the way.  The trek here is a bit pleasant and not as extreme as Batad or Tappiya Falls In the afternoon we proceed to Sagada which is 4 hours away from Banaue.

Day 4 Sagada Higlights – Bomod-ok Falls

We start the day by heading to echo valley one of the famous areas for the hanging coffin. We also head to an entrance to the underground river then we finish this trail by heading to Bokong falls. In the afternoon we proceed with a wonderful trek to Bomod-ok Falls also known as the big falls  towering almost 200 meters this is truly a sight to remember and why not have an awesome swim and relax.

Day 5 Cave connection

This is probably the most extreme adventure you will ever do on this trip. Definitely spelunking at its finest. Don’t worry you have capable local guides with you who will definitely help you out through this adventure. Your fitness level will definitely put to the test here but you will be rewarded by the wonderful rock formations inside this cave.

Day 6 Scenic Drive back to Manila

We know make our way back to manila which we will pass through the highest highway in the Philippines. We will also be passing through mountains of vegetable farms planted in a terraces setup. Finally we will be passing the city of Kalinga and Baguio where you have an opportunity to visit the strawberry farms and do a bit of souvenir shopping.

Additional Info



2 nights accommodation Banaue

3 nights accommodation Sagada


-Accommodations in these areas are limited and expect only basic amenities and facilities.

-Lunch and dinner not included on this trip. prepare 150 – 300 pesos per meal for this trip

-Bring all weather type of clothing (Summer, Winter, Wet, Dry etc..)

-Travel insurance is a must on this trip. If you don’t have one we strongly encourage you get one.

Things to Bring

Hiking gear

Strong sturdy shoes



Wet gear

Set of clothes good for 6 days

Flash Light

Waterproof Camera

Dry Bag

Add ons

Mt. Pinatubo  Tour – 5000 pesos per person

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